Nurse Practitioners

The Advanced Nurse Practitioner role is one that works both independently and alongside a traditional GP. Their training means they are fully experienced to independently consult with patients, examine, diagnose and action a plan of health care across a multitude of clinical situations.

Denise Edwins (f)
Sue Blainey (f)


The practice nurse’s role is extremely varied and can include general treatment room duties (e.g. dressings, injections and ear care) as well as nurse-led clinics in health promotion (e.g. women’s health, prevention of Coronary heart disease and child and travel immunisations) and chronic disease management (e.g. diabetes and asthma care).

All our nurses are available to give advice and answer any questions you may have.

Catherine Cassidy (f)
Laura Welham (f)
Annie Sam (f)

Health Practitioners

Our clinical practitioners, Tim Granville and Sarah Ashman, are qualified paramedics. Tim and Sarah bring a portfolio of skills to the practice and visits housebound patients who are unable to come to the surgery. Tim and Sarah also supports our 'On the Day' clinic.

Tim Granville (m)
Sarah Ashman (f)

Healthcare Assistants

Health Care Assistants have been active in the NHS for many years but are relatively new to General Practice. Their role has evolved into the more practical aspect of care such as blood taking, ear syringing, investigative procedures such as an ECG or spirometry and simple immunisations for example influenza.

Amy Worrell (f)
Lisa Hunt (f)
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