It is possible to book a wide-range of appointments; we offer you same-day (for urgent needs only), 48hour, 5-day and 4-week book ahead options.


Norwich Road operates a care navigation service. This means that when you call us to make an appointment you will be asked to provide a brief explanation of your need. Our reception team will then offer you the most appropriate appointment.


General Practice has changed greatly in recent years. We do not just employ doctors but a range of other clinicians who bring with them specialist skills and knowledge e.g. if you are suffering a musculoskeletal issue such as a sprain we will offer you an appointment with our diagnostic physiotherapist who is best placed to assess you, or if you are suffering from anxiety or stress we will offer an appointment with our specialist mental health nurse team.


We offer extended hours outside of usual opening hours (08:00-18:30) for routine appointments. Please ask our reception team for further information.


Some consultations may take longer than others, resulting in unforeseen delay. Every effort is made to ensure that you are seen on time, but if a delay does occur, we will endeavour to keep you fully informed.


Regular appointments are scheduled to last 10-minutes. We therefore ask that if you have more than one issue to discuss, or if you believe that you need a longer consultation, please ask the receptionist when making your appointment.



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